Post Chat Questions

Post-chat questions in NeetoChat enable the user to provide feedback or rate the quality of the support they received after a chat session has concluded. These queries can be used to collect information regarding the user's experience and level of satisfaction, as well as to identify areas where the support process can be enhanced.

Post Chat Questions

Why are post-chat questions important?

Post-chat questions are important because they give the user a chance to give feedback and rate the quality of the help they got after the chat session is over. This feedback can be used to improve the level of support for future interactions, find ways to improve, and make sure the user's needs are being met.

What types of questions are commonly asked in post-chat surveys?

Depending on your requirements, the types of questions asked in post-chat surveys can vary. Common questions may include asking the user to assess the friendliness and helpfulness of the chat operator or chatbot, whether their issue was resolved satisfactorily, and whether they have any suggestions for enhancing the support process. Other queries could focus on the user's overall experience, such as how simple it was to use the chat application or whether they would recommend the company.

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